Welcome to Squish.Us – just my personal domain for which I don’t actually do much.  I mostly use it to host my mail server.  Occasionally, I’ll post other stuff…

About the Griego Family

So this site is just for the Griego family.  Well, mostly me, Joe.  I post stuff whenever I feel the urge.  Perhaps a photo or two.

We’re just a family here in Bishop, California. We’ve lived here since 1999.  Joey was born in Bakersfield, and Gracie was born right here in Bishop.  Karen grew up in Ridgecrest, and I traveled quite a bit (dad was in the Marine Corps, so we moved a lot – Iwakuni, Japan, North Carolina, Tennessee, California…

Poke around if you like.  Share and enjoy!


I’m just some guy, you know?



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